Garage Door Opener – What to Look For

Good garage door hardware must be accompanied with a fully functional door opener to make the setup perfect. There are different kinds and models available, and you will have no trouble at all finding the right opener for your garage. Of course, in order to make the right choice you will have to understand some of the aspects that must be found in a good opener; we are going to discuss these aspects in this article.

The older design of garage opener uses Chain Drive, with a lot of moving parts on the mechanism. Although it may not be practical, it can be the perfect solution for people with limited budget. Screw Drive or also known as direct drive is definitely better since you have less movable parts — equals to less trouble and maintenance efforts in the future — although it may cost you slightly more. Consider the drive speed as well; common door opener packages should give you around 6 to 7 inches per second.

A garage door opener must come with safety beam as obliged by law, so make sure the package you are getting has this particular feature as well. It will prevent the unwanted condition of having you — or your loved ones — or even your car or other hardware accidentally get stuck while the door is closing. The safety beam will ‘sense’ obstacles that cross the door and act upon the sensors’ readings. Contact reversing system also works for the same purposes, but for static objects. If your kid’s bike is right in the path of your garage door, the door mechanism will reverse when the bike is hit.

Don’t forget to ask for warranty and you should be just fine. Some door openers come with warranties that also cover maintenance, so you wouldn’t have to worry about checking the sensors’ sensitivity settings or maintaining the mechanism at all. If you spend more time working at the office or you simply don’t have time to attend to these matters, having professional maintenance crew helping you keep your door working perfectly is the best way to go.